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“It’s great to feed a haylage that I know is top-quality and my horses love. The smaller 20kg HaySoft bales are perfect as we can take them on the road with us and we know our horses are getting an excellent haylage while at competitions. BedSoft is really comfy and is so easy to muck out. It really saves us time that can be spent doing other things…like riding!”

International Event Rider, Sharon Hunt


Andrew Gould

“The bedding is so easy to muck out and really absorbent which reduces wastage…and cost! The added bio-security aspect of the bedding means that I know my horses have added protection when they are stabled away from home. The level of dressage that I compete in is so physically demanding, the high quality of HaySoft means that I now they are receiving plenty of vitamins, nutrients and fibre to help keep them in great condition.”

International Dressage Rider, Andrew Gould


Andrew Gould

“On our busy yard, it’s important that the products we use are both time and cost-effective, as well as benefiting the horses. We use BedSoft Bio in all of our stables; not only does the Tru-STEED treatment give the horses added protection, the beds are incredibly easy to muck out. The waste also biodegrades quickly which means that we spend less time and money on disposal!”

International Showjumper, Ricki Hill


"I have recently been introduced to BedSoft to use in my hen house for my hens. I had been using wood shavings which had been ok, but since the weather changed and winter and the damp had set in the shavings were wet all the time which could potentially cause alot of problems.

My local feed store suggested I try BedSoft and I am glad that I did.

The bedding is dry for a lot longer and I dont get that horrible smell after a few days now, with the added bonus that its antibacterial and antiviral and smells nice too with insect repellents. It is light and very easy to clean out and I just love it, wish i had found it months ago!

The hens are happy with it and it keeps them busy as they enjoy scratching in it too.

Thank you BedSoft for a fantastic product."

Owners name: Louise
Location: Nottinghamshire

"Brilliant BedSoft!

I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you very much for my prize of the BedSoft Bio bedding and rake that I won before Christmas. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying it, as it is quick and easy to muck out and keeps the stable nicely dry and fresh.

Also, thank you to all at Widmer Farm where I collected my prize from; it’s a big place and well worth a visit. The staff were very friendly and we had a good browse around the shop. They have some gorgeous, very tame and friendly, little rabbits for sale that I was very tempted to buy!

Thanks again for a great prize."

Owners name: Mrs D Leke

"We needed a cost-effective bedding with minimal wastage that would also provide enough support and comfort for a large old horse when he lies down and a bed that wouldn’t scatter when he got up. Being on a small yard also meant that the muckheap has to be kept as small as possible, so the bedding has to be biodegradable for it to be spread over the fields.

Brigadier is now in semi-retirement, he still goes to shows and demonstrations as he enjoys them so much and he is competitive in decorated harness classes, so we have to keep him in tip-top condition. Brigadier’s work load hasn’t slowed down with age as he enjoys working and competing, however he has worked throughout his life, as a horse that shows in-hand, driven, ridden and logging, and as a result Brigadier has started to become stiff in his back end and he now struggles to more when getting up, especially in cold weather.

As a large show horse that needs to look his best year round it was important that we found a bed that wouldn’t move around too much or leave holes as he got up and down. Brigadier is also prone to laminitis so needed a bed that he wouldn’t eat.

Our local stockist recommended BedSoft Bio as it fit the bill for our large horses. It is very absorbent and really easy to muck out, big horses produces large amounts of manure, so we needed something easy to use economical and biodegradable. We have also found that with BedSoft the droppings don’t seem to get mixed in with the bedding, which can be quite an issue with big horses."

Owners name: Pip Read
Location: Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Horse: Brigadier, 18h 3” Shire

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  • Heat sealed to retain goodness
  • More vitamins, minerals and protein than hay
  • From specifically grown grass on Frieze Hall farm